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Diamond Safety & Training empowers you and your team with cutting-edge safety practices through innovative wearable technology solutions. Join us for our upcoming webinars to explore Exoskeleton Backpacks, Bardavon Preventure Sensors and other wearables– revolutionizing workplace safety and enhancing productivity. Our expert speakers will guide you through these transformative technologies, providing valuable insights and insider access. Elevate your safety standards, stay ahead of the curve, and be part of a safer, more secure future. Register today and join the movement toward a better-protected working environment! 

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Weaarable Technology Webinar

Join our upcoming webinar on the latest in wearable technology for workplace safety

Discover Safety through Wearable Technology

Explore the world of safety through the lens of Bardavon Preventure Sensors. Our webinar explores how these sensors transform workplace safety, prevent injuries, and reduce worker compensation claims. Gain insights into the technology that's making workplaces safer and more efficient.

Diamond Safety & Training

Understand the innovation in wearable technology with Exoskeleton Backpacks. Join our upcoming webinar to explore these cutting-edge wearables that enhance productivity. Learn how these innovations shape industries and improve workers' quality of life.

Diamond Safety & Training's Wearable Technology Solutions

Join our webinar to examine the world of wearable technology. From exoskeleton backpacks to Bardavon Preventure Sensors, we showcase innovative solutions that are reshaping industries and ensuring worker safety. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the future of wearable tech.

Webinar Experts

James Jones, CPCU

James Jones, CPCU

Executive Director, Speaker

Katie School of Insurance and Risk Management  Illinois State University

E. Tice Sirmans, Ph.D.

E. Tice Sirmans, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Speaker

Risk Management and Insurance    Illinois State University

Anthony Crowder

Anthony Crowder


Owner, Diamond Safety and Training consultant, Kansas City, Missouri