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Ultimately, safety is good for business. A safe working environment not only protects your workers, but also alleviates your chances of being faced with unnecessary expenditure and lawsuits. 

According to statistics for 2021, OSHA estimated that roughly 96,700 injuries occurred due to forklift and industrial truck operations, with at least 35,000 of these being categorized as serious. Because of this, U.S. companies are literally losing billions of dollars each year due to work-related illnesses, injuries and fatalities.

This is the reason why you must ensure that safety policies are set in place; saving you money, time and increasing productivity.

OSHA Inspection – What you should know:

Why is OSHA inspection important?

OSHA inspections are important because they ensure that employers are providing a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. OSHA inspections can also help employers identify and fix any safety or health hazards in their workplace.

Five steps to passing an OSHA inspection

  • Learn about the different types of inspections that OSHA conducts
  • Familiarize yourself with the standards that OSHA expects you to meet
  • Make sure your workplace is organized and safe
  • Train your employees on safety procedures
  • Have a plan in place for emergencies

Safety and Health Audits and Inspections

As safety and OSHA compliance experts, we conduct on-site safety and health regulatory compliance inspections, audits, and evaluations to test the effectiveness of control systems and identify areas of improvement while lowering incidence rates through hazard identification and abatement. Additional services include performing safety and health due diligence assessments before facility builds, purchases, leases, decommissioning, and closures as well as EHS evaluations for mergers and acquisitions. Our team is available to conduct mock OSHA inspections and develop detailed actionable inspection response plans.

Why is OSHA compliance training necessary?

OSHA compliance training can help protect your company from potential lawsuits or fines. By ensuring that employees are aware of the safety protocols, your company can demonstrate that it has made a good faith effort in complying with OSHA regulations. Professional training providers can help you to ensure that your employees receive the best possible instruction, and that your company remains in compliance with OSHA standards.

The categories of OSHA standards are:


General Industry



Ensure Compliance with Increased OSHA Penalties

In January 2022, OSHA increased their penalties by approximately 6% from the previously revised penalty amounts in January 2019, to accommodate rising inflation rates.  

In an effort to improve workplace safety, OSHA has increased the maximum penalty for willful violations (employers who knowingly fail to comply with OSHA standard or demonstrate a plain indifference for employee safety) and others. The penalty for each repeated violation for an identical or substantially similar violation previously cited by the agency, has also increased from $136,532 to $145,027. 

For each serious violation (work hazards leading to injury or death) as well as repeated failure to correct violations, the maximum penalty can now be $14,502; a significant

The Current Top 10 List of Most Commonly Cited OSHA Safety Violations for 2022:

Fall Protection, general requirements; Respiratory Protection, general industry; Ladders, construction; Scaffolding, general requirements, construction; Hazard Communication Standard, general requirements; Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout), general requirements; Fall Protection – Training Requirements; Eye and Face Protection; Powered Industrial Trucks, general requirements; Machinery and Machine Guarding, general requirements

For further information on OSHA penalties increase; and the most-cited occupational hazards, click links below:



Avoid OSHA Violations Leading to Fines

On April 14, 2015, an Omaha Cleaning Company faced the largest OSHA fine ever in Nebraska history for failure to protect employees. After inspection, a railcar was found to be highly liable for explosion. The workers were sent to carry out their duties nonetheless to clean the railcar; henceforth resulting in a deadly explosion claiming the lives of two and injuring one. OSHA cited the company for seven (7) egregious willful violations, following a fine of $963,000.00.

On June 28, 2019, OSHA fined US Foods $6440.00 for non-compliant behaviour; the company refused to ensure that their palletized product was stacked in a stable manner so as to protect employees from being struck or crushed. The termination of an employee who had also spoken against the company’s lack of in-place safety measures, also occurred on that day.

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