Wearable Tools to Revolutionise Your Workplace Safety

Create a more sustainable future for your workforce through smart, wearable tech.

We enable happy, healthy and sustainable ecosystems by providing real-time data insights and smart, wearable tools to reduce pain and injury in physically demanding jobs. These work to provide organisations a strong gateway into more attractive and safe environments.


01)Empower & Support Your Workers

Our advanced PPE solutions provide not only physical support, energy and relief for labour-intensive tasks, but data-backed insights for organisations to identify, implement and maintain workplace safety initiatives.

02)Embrace Hybrid Automation

Bring your workers into your digital workflows with wearable tools that allow for optimization where full automation is not possible. Exoskeleton augmentation provides advanced support for tasks such as lifting, unloading and static holds.

03)Act Early with Trusted Expertise

Combat costly risks associated with workplace injury and occupational health, while addressing increasing consumer demand and supply chain pressure. Our team is here to help validate your use case, educate on recommendations and help gain employee buy in.