Diamond AVERT is active violence response training developed by experts

AVERT is Active Violence Emergency Response Training created by experts. Through realistic training and situations, AVERT will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to escape, evade, or attack during an active violence incident.

AVERT is for any number of organizations, from healthcare organizations, hospitals, schools, colleges, businesses, churches, and event venues. With a focus on ways to stop the bleeding in emergency situations, AVERT goes far beyond the active shooter response training you will find anywhere else.

Learn active shooter response techniques the professional’s use

The Diamond AVERT program was developed by professional law enforcement, private security, and medical experts with over 30 years of experience. AVERT provides training in skills that were once taught only to first responders. The AVERT experts took their professional-level training skills and adapted them into a course that’s easy.

Active shooter incidence are increasing

Unfortunately, active shooter situations in the U.S. are happening more often, and you never know where or when you may be the victim of a violent situation. Diamond AVERT takes training that was originally created for first responders and makes it accessible for everyone. You’ll learn to recognize warning signs of potential violence, and you’ll practice applying the three important techniques for reacting to an active shooter.